Kenya Tourism Sector Receives A major Boost


The tourism sector has received a major economic boost after 160 tourists landed at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on Sunday Morning from the Bulgaria capital, Sophia, for a 10-day holiday.

Kenya tourism Board marketing director Fred Okeyo noted that the flight arrival signaled hope for Kenyan tourism, which has suffered heavily due to the pandemic.

“The New charter from Bulgaria has shown confidence with Kenya at a time that this sector is recovering, for us we want to assure our tourists that we are ready for attracting many guests,” said Okeyo.

Kenyan tourism products have been on-demand by Bulgaria which is the latest European Market hence the second charter flight will get in on February 26, 2022, in the new rotational charter program.

“We trust that they are going to be very good ambassadors in their country, and we are happy as a destination that we will continue to get more tourists from Bulgaria,” he added.

Polman’s tours and Safaris managing director Mohamed Hersi said Kenya is now looking to tap onto the Bulgarian market that has proven to be a potential market source that has remained untapped,” said Hersi.

The tourists will enjoy safari at various National parks and beaches. He said Kenya is still in negotiations with other source markets like Rushia, Turkey among other European countries.

“We are asking the government to really support the chartered flights that are landing in Mombasa, owing to infrastructure investment the government has put into refurbishing the airport,” said Hersi.

Hersi expressed fears that the sector may experience a slow down owing to political heat in the country ahead of the upcoming elections.

“We urge our politicians to conduct themselves so as we don’t suffer as a sector, the sector has been on an upward trajectory in the year 2021 until April this year, we are looking forward to another rebound in the second quarter of the year,” said Hersi.


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