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News Updated: 28 July 2023 13:02 EAT 704 Views | ~ 1 minute

Environment, Climate Change and Forestry Strategic Plan 2023-2027 Launched

environment-climate-change-and-forestry-strategic-plan-2023-2027-launched Image

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Forestry has launched its Strategic Plan for 2023-2027, aiming to work with all stakeholders to achieve a clean, safe, and sustainable environment for the benefit of present and future generations, aligning with the national constitutional aspiration.

During the plan's launch, Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya emphasized its significance as a roadmap guiding the Ministry, development partners, and the public towards a resilient and sustainable environment. The plan acknowledges the vital role of the environment, climate action, and forestry sector in supporting livelihoods and driving Kenya's economic transformation agenda.

The Ministry recognizes the challenges ahead and has identified opportunities to fulfill its constitutional and social mandate of safeguarding a sustainable environment, healthy ecosystems, and biodiversity in line with various regulatory and policy frameworks.

At the heart of the Strategic Plan lies the BETA framework, which seeks to open up environmental, climate action, and forestry value chains for wealth and job creation. The Ministry aims to deliver tangible livelihood benefits to Kenyans and increase the sector's contribution to Kenya's GDP.

Addressing urgent issues like climate change, land degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution, and sustainable waste management is a primary focus of the plan. It emphasizes a 3-P approach centered on People, Planet, and Profit to guide interventions.

The Strategic Plan outlines the Ministry's priorities and actions for the next five years, emphasizing a people-centric approach to program implementation. Collaboration with partners and enhanced public participation, along with the BETA principles, will ensure broad societal involvement in fulfilling the Ministry's mandate and government priority programs.

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