Gov’t To launch BRT Project Mid This Year


The government of Kenya is now working on a project dubbed ‘Bus Rapid Transport’ (BRT) in Nairobi with efforts to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“We want to lead from the front when it comes to the fight against climate change. We have an opportunity to move from rhetoric to actualizing this aspiration,” Housing and Urban Development PS Charles Hinga was quoted by the media saying.

The project which is expected to kick off mid this year has locked out petrol and diesel buses with a statement explaining that buses are to be considered in three options based on technology.

“The buses are to be considered in three options based on propulsion technology: biodiesel, hybrid, electric and the options for sale or a proposed lease tenure covering a three, seven and 12 years period,” reads a Tuesday notice by the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.

The bus lane will only be used mainly by vehicles that consume biofuels like hydrogen and biogas as well as electric and hybrid vehicles which use both electric and fossil fuel, this is expected to ease congestion in the busy town.

According to PS Hinga, the lanes are set to be launched on the main roads such the Thika road, Mombasa road, Ngong Road, Juja, Mama Lucy, T-Mall, and Balozi to Imara.

The Ministry of Transport has already opened bidding for companies interested in the BRT contracts which will last up to 12 years.


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