Former Vioja Mahakamani Actor Pleads For Help


Gibson Gathu, who played a prosecutor in the drama series Vioja Mahakamani, is seeking financial assistance from Kenyans in order to receive a kidney transplant. The prosecutor is scheduled to have a kidney transplant at Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret, according to the appeal.

“Gib has been treating diabetes for almost 20 years; however, his kidneys failed in November 2020, and he has been undergoing dialysis twice a week since then.” His family has been financially depleted as a result of this.

The good news is that he has a donor, and the objective of this is to help him gather medical cash for a kidney transplant set for July 2022 at the Mediheal Hospital in Eldoret, which is projected to cost between $5 and $6 million.

“The indicated price includes the recipient’s post-surgery therapy,” the appeal states.

The fundraising for the Vioja Mahakamani actor is scheduled for 11th June 2022 at the City Hall, Nairobi from 2 p.m. Well-wishers and fans have been advised to attend the fundraiser, or send their contributions to Paybill No: 247247 Account No: 777626 Account Name: Gibson Gathu Mbugua. 

The petition comes two years after Leonard Mambo Mbotela, another great actor, made a similar appeal. In 2020, the actor from ‘Ungwana’ pleaded with Kenyans to help him pay a Sh 1.1 million hospital bill. After being admitted to the Nairobi South Hospital, where he had been admitted for days, the actor’s medical costs had skyrocketed.

Fortunately, President Uhuru Kenyatta heard the actor’s petition and agreed to pay Sh 1 million. The money that Kenyan well-wishers had contributed in a pay bill account established by the family offset the remaining sum.

By Nyambura Mbugua


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