Elungata:Security In Place


The government has invested heavily in the security sector to help curb the rising crime in the country.

Coast Regional Commissioner (RC) John Elungata says, security agencies are on high alert to secure a prosperous and stable nation during this electioneering period.

The senior regional administrator while speaking in his office, noted that the government is determined to ensure that the polls would be conducted in a peaceful, secure, and conducive environment.

Elungata has further called upon Kenyans to live together peacefully despite their political differences, adding that adequate security arrangements have been put in place hence no reason to entertain fear.

The commissioner condemned the recent shooting of a Mombasa politician running for a parliamentary seat in the Mvita constituency.

Mombasa politician Ali Mwatsau on Tuesday night survived an assassination attempt in the Tudor area of the coastal city.

“This is an incident that the police are determined to get to the bottom of and we caution people against speculations and making wild claims that it was a politically instigated move,” he said.

He went on “the security agencies are conducting investigations to unravel the unfortunate shooting incident and we call for calm.”

The RC underscored the need to uphold peace before, during, and after the August elections saying, the polls should not be a reason for people to resort to violence.

The RC said candidates seeking various electoral seats must reaffirm non-violence and a credible electoral process.

Elungata called for peaceful campaigns in the coastal region ahead of the August 9 general election, adding that there is a need for the candidates to conduct themselves in a way that preserves the peace and stability of the country.

“The government is prepared to deal with politicians who intend to cause chaos for selfish political ends and we urge the youth to reject politicians who encourage them to engage in acts of violence during campaigns,” said Elungata.

He added ‘we want to put politicians on notice that we will deal with them accordingly if they resort to using youth for political intimidation and harassment.

He said it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure there is calm and tranquility as the country goes to the polls and even during the announcement of the outcome.

The RC said the authorities will not allow criminals to create tension and fear in the minds of Kenyans and urged the youth to stand united against political incitement and violence which could harm people based on their political affiliation.

Elungata who is the chairman of the coast regional security and intelligence committee noted that the security agencies will ensure the elections are peaceful.

“The police and other security agencies are well prepared for the elections and we call on the citizens to collaborate with us,” he said, adding that Kenyans should look at the bigger picture and avoid electoral violence.

‘Let us not sacrifice the peaceful reputation we have as a country at the altar of divisive politics’ he said.

The Coast security boss revealed that the government recently unveiled national, regional, county, and sub-county multi-sectoral coordination and collaboration committees on election preparedness.


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