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News Updated: 06 June 2023 08:55 EAT 214 Views | ~ 1 minute

World Environment Day: Nairobi River Clean-Up Exercise

world-environment-day-nairobi-river-clean-up-exercise Image

Nairobi River, once a lifeline for the city of Nairobi, has suffered from years of neglect and pollution. However, a recent event held at Kamukunji Park Grounds brought together various stakeholders determined to reverse this trend.

The event, organized by the Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust (CRAWN Trust) in conjunction with Kenya Environment Conservation Champions (KECC), garnered support from government officials and the Canadian High Commission.

Mr. Warren Mucci, representing the Canadian High Commission, expressed the Canadian government's commitment to supporting such activities in different Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).

Commissioner Elijah Biamah, representing the Nairobi River Commission, emphasized their mission to restore the Nairobi River to its former glory. He highlighted the importance of collaboration between government agencies, community organizations, and the public to achieve this goal.

Prominent government officials also graced the event to demonstrate their support. The Assistant County Commissioner, County Administrator Mr. Ronald, and the Personal Assistant from the area Member of Parliament, Mohammed Nur, pledged the government's backing in enhancing the cleanliness of the Nairobi River.

MCA South B, Waithera Chege, spoke passionately about her efforts to eliminate garbage from Nairobi and her collaboration with CRAWN Trust. She highlighted the enactment of bills and initiatives aimed at educating women on the importance of a clean environment.

The Chairperson of KECC emphasized the significance of maintaining Kamukunji Park to restore its true purpose. He outlined various sections within the park, such as a mental health corner, a recreational area for gatherings, and a wall of fame.

He stressed that the restoration of resources like the Nairobi River was integral to achieving the park's recognition as one of Kenya's most esteemed parks.

Daisy Amdany, the Executive Director of CRAWN Trust, expressed gratitude to all those who supported the clean-up initiative. She emphasized the importance of ongoing support for such endeavors. Stakeholders generously donated reflectors, gumboots, spades, and brooms to KECC, further enabling their efforts.

The Nairobi River Clean-Up event at Kamukunji Park Grounds marked a significant step towards the restoration of the Nairobi River and the rejuvenation of the park.

With the collective efforts of government bodies, community organizations, and dedicated individuals, the vision of a cleaner and healthier Nairobi is within reach.

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