Sudan’s Prime Minister Resigns

Sudan Prime Minister,Abdalla Hmadok

Sudan’s civilian prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, has resigned after a mass protest denounced a recent deal he had done to share power with the army.

Hamdok was overthrown from power in an October military coup and had just been restored to power more than a month ago, his resignation leaves the Sudan military in full control.

The protesters had called for civilian rule but military forces, on the other hand, staged another violent crackdown, leaving two people dead.

Hamdok’s resignation comes at a time when Sudan is in a fragile transition to democracy following the 2019 removal of longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir.

In his speech, Hamdok said his mediation attempts with civilian and military officials “to achieve the necessary consensus to be able to deliver to our people the promise of peace, justice and no bloodshed” had failed.

Announcing his resignation, Hamdok said, Sudan needed to engage in a new dialogue to agree on a “national charter” and “draw a roadmap” to complete the transition to civilian rule.


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