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CAK Deactivates SIM Cards

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The Communications Authority of Kenya has deactivated over 124,000 SIM cards in a bid to curb illegally registered cards in the country.

According to a quarterly report by CAK, the number of active sim cards has declined by 124,689 from the initial 65.1 million subscriptions, the number now stands at 124,689.

The Authority noted that the exercise will help curb criminal cases such as mobile money fraud and kidnapping.

During the exercise, the CAK requested all mobile operators to ensure Simcards of their subscribers are updated in line with the SIM Card Registration Regulations 2015.

The move has seen mobile operators deactivate sim cards illegally registered in the names of their subscribers by unknown people.

The CAK boss Ezra Chiloba, earlier, while issuing directives, said the exercise is meant to ensure 100 percent compliance with the SIM card registration regulations. 

The agency extended the deadline for six months after a majority of Kenyans failed to register their SIM cards by April 15.

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