Azimio Leader Cautions MPs Who Pledged To Support Gov’t

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Azimio-One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga on Thursday issued a stern warning to the lawmakers who have pledged to support the Kenya Kwanza government.

Speaking in Machakos County during the coalition’s Parliamentary Group meeting, Odinga told the MPs to stick to their cause of fighting for justice and stop hiding behind the quest for development which he says will sabotage the coalition.

According to the Former Premier, the MPs Raila did not have to visit State House to solicit support for development noting that Parliament allocates funds for various activities and projects including the devolved units funds.

“The resources are being allocated by Parliament. The days when MPs would go to State House and kneel down to get funds for development are gone, he said.

Odinga further referred to the MPs as traitors adding that they are self-seeking individuals who should be rejected by their voters.

“These people must be seen for what they are —‘traitors’ in the course of revolution,” said Raila.

The ODM leader advised his allies that for a member of parliament to visit the President on any agenda which is not personal he/she should seek permission from the political party.

Langata MP Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o was among legislators who visited the president hence blocked from from the parliamentary group meeting for the party members.

However, Azimio One Kenya coalition co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka urged the party to pardon members indicating that every member who tried to shift political allegiance after winning their seats has everything to lose should elections be held today.

Other MPs that visited the President include Gideon Ochanda (Bondo), Caroli Omondi (Suba South), Elisha Odhiambo (Gem), Paul Abuor (Rongo), Mark Nyamita (Uriri), Jalango and Kisumu Senator Prof Tom Ojienda.

A section of the ODM party members want the aforementioned leaders to be deregistered and expelled.


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