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News Updated: 14 June 2022 08:40 EAT 324 Views | ~ 34 seconds

Ruto urges Kenyans to vote on basis of developmental agenda.

The United Democratic Alliance party leaders, Deputy President William Ruto yesterday while speaking to university Lecturers in his Karen home has urged Kenyans to elect leaders with a clear development agenda for the country and its people.

Dr Ruto asked Kenyans to scrutinize the agenda of candidates seeking elective positions before rallying support behind them.

The deputy president also took to the stage to remind Kenyans to take command of their destiny. He also added that Kenya Kwanza Alliance is working on a charter on education to provide a road map for the sector.

The deputy president also noted that there is need to safeguard high standards of education as a sustainable for plan for the country’s development.

The president also mentioned in his quest to woo the nation that he will stop borrowing if elected the president come August with less than 60 days to go.

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