Persons With Disabilities Assured Of Continued Support


Persons with disabilities in Kakamega county have been assured of support from the government and other relevant organizations in a bid to improve their lives.

Speaking during the 2022 International Day of Persons with Disabilities event in Kakamega, the County Disability Officer Priscah Akoth advised Persons With Disabilities to take advantage of the funds for their empowerment and the available scholarships to educate their children.

She said Kakamega county has about Sh. 670 000 in scholarships for children with disabilities.

A cheque of Sh.106 000 is ready to be sent to St. Angela Mumias to support 10 deaf girls to continue with their education.

“Our children with disabilities whom we are supporting are excelling, let us embrace our children, let us show them love and take them to school. The council is supporting the children together with other partners,” she pointed out.

At the same time, the Director of Health Services Dr. Linet Alamenya said the assessment of Persons With Disabilities will be done at all level 4 hospitals across the county, and the forms signed at the county level.

“The Signature for medical services has been decentralized, this means that once the assessment for disability has been done, the forms shall be signed by the director of medical services and forwarded to the National Council for Persons with Disabilities(NCPWD),” she said.

Dr. Alamenya said the county government has trained community health workers, community leaders, gate keepers and religious leaders to identify children with disabilities at the earliest time possible to ensure any form of disabilities is managed and the children are enabled to live a normal life.

“We encourage all PWDs to seek healthcare services in facilities of their choice that are near to them without staying at home and suffering in silence. Our healthcare workers are ready to provide services to them,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Kakamega members of the county assembly (MCA) have called for Persons with disabilities to be given a chance to nominate their own to fill positions of special interest groups in both the National, The Senate, and County assemblies.

Led by the nominated Member of Kakamega County Assembly Lucie Chogo they stated that despite the constitution provision of nominees to represent special interest groups, those nominated by political parties fail to support.

They urged President William Ruto to appoint a person with a disability to the position of leadership in his government.

The Chairperson of Kakamega County Disability Caucus Lucy Mulombi also asked Governor Fernandes Barasa to include an advisor on issues of disability in his administration who will be in touch with Persons with disabilities for their challenges to be addressed.


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