Bishop Kosgei Nominated To Represent Persons With Disabilities In The National Assembly


Gospel musician Emmy Kosgei’s father Bishop Jackson Kosgei has been nominated as the National Assembly representative for Persons With Disabilities.

Kosgei will now join Crystal Asige of the Orange Democratic Party(ODM) and George Mungai of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), both nominated to represent Persons With Disabilities in the Senate.

Bishop Kosgei was in a senatorial race for the Baringo county in the just concluded general election against Silas Tochim, William Cheptumo, Gideon Moi, Daniel Taringo and Felix Chelaite.

Mr. Kosgei scooped 7,518 votes, Cheptumo of the UDA party won with 141,777 votes, followed by Mr. Moi of KANU who garnered 71,480 votes.

Mr. Chelaite of the Service Party got 3,261 while Mr. Tochim had 13,633 votes, Mr. Taringo got 4,027 votes.

Kosgei, during an interview with the media, disclosed that his Disability resulted from Polio, a disease that weakened his limbs.

This situation extremely changed his early life, he was discriminated against and isolated because his Disability had superstitious interpretations according to society.

His life was changed by her lovely wife, it all started as a crusade invite.

While attending the crusade, the Bishop says, he convinced himself that it was time to rise and face the world, at this moment he promised himself that he would marry and make a happy family.

He joined school at 21 years, although challenging because his classmates were too young to him and his teachers were of his age.

School and church were stepping stones for the bishop to let go of what society thought he was and become a great person.

His hard working spirit, commitment and faith finally landed him to Kabarnet Boys High School, then proceeded to Pan-African University to study Education, Social Science and Theology.

He dedicated his entire life to church after graduating, from a Sunday school teacher, a lay reader, a choir master, church minister to a bishop at the Worldwide Gospel Church, what a great journey.

He is now a father to three girls and a boy, among them award winning Gospel musician Emmy Kosgei.

The former Chairman of the Kenya Film Classification Board has beat the odds to achieve his dreams despite his Disability.


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