Beggars With Disabilities Overlooked


World International Day of Persons With Disabilities was celebrated a few days ago, the government with different organizations had events and activities to cheer the day, this was on contrary to a number of Persons With Disabilities who beg on the streets, does this mean as we strive to champion social and economic inclusion for Persons With Disabilities in the country there’s is a group left out?

Beggars with disabilities are among the poor and disadvantaged in society. If nobody is reaching these people, it means they are virtually invisible in the policy agenda of countries around the world and are overlooked in advocacy efforts to improve opportunities for people with disabilities in general.

Understanding why people with disabilities end up as beggars on the streets of towns and cities around the world is important if the vision of the Nation Council of Persons With Disabilities among other dedicated organizations is to make a difference to persons with disabilities at all levels in society.

The government in collaboration with the Non-governmental organizations should try to reduce begging by the disabled Persons, by financing them to start businesses that will sustain them, although some will still get back to the street because the way they justify these activities contribute to their perseverance.

This article is to sensitize stakeholders and the government on an increased number of beggars with disabilities on the streets, they should look for alternatives to end it by empowering these people, some are pushed around on wheelchairs by people am sure they pay by the end of the day.


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