Willis Raburu Quits TV47


Willis Raburu has departed TV47 shortly after declaring a break for his show.
In a farewell message, he expressed gratitude for the growth achieved during his tenure.

“As I bid farewell to the TV47 family, I am filled with a sense of pride and gratitude for the remarkable growth we’ve achieved together over the past few months,” part of his farewell message reads .

Raburu initially announced a break for the Wabebe Experience show on April 6, assuring viewers of a comeback after the team’s strategic review.

“We would like to announce that Wabebe Experience will be taking a season break. We sincerely thank our viewers for their continued support and enthusiasm,” he wrote on X.

Despite leaving Citizen TV in June 2023, where he hosted the 10 over 10 show, Raburu remains optimistic about future endeavors at TV47.


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