Wajackoya Denied Chance To Participate In The Presidential Petition


Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah was denied the opportunity to participate in the hearing of the presidential petition at the Supreme court.

Wajackoyah argued that since he was a presidential candidate then he has been affected directly by the court case and should therefore be allowed to join the hearing.

“I am a presidential candidate. I was here this morning. My counsels were blocked because you had already made a ruling apportioning the number of lawyers around to come in,” said Wajackoyah, “I pray to be given some opportunity, probably under your discretion, so that I can be enjoined to speak through my counsel on case number 7 of which I was enjoined as an interested party.”

He then added, “In this room and in the absence of Raila Odinga and William Ruto I think I am the most aggrieved person here. Despite the fact that we have other interested parties, you should take cognisance that I have run for elections in this country. I have traversed this country. I’m very seriously injured. I need to be given an opportunity under exceptional circumstances if any.”

Responding to Wajackoyah’s claims, Mohamed Ibrahim, Supreme court judge, said Wajackoyah had the opportunity to file a petition as others did and he did not do so hence should not blame the court.

“One thing must come out. You were a presidential candidate and we give you all the accolades and many Kenyans admire and believe you did a good job. However, under the law, if you are aggrieved as a candidate you have a right to file a petition challenging the validity,” said Justice Ibrahim, “You did not do that. So you lost that opportunity. With respect, you have to bear the consequences,”

William Ouko also a Supreme court judge added that Wajackoyah’s wish could not be granted due to the limited space and some other factors such as Covid-19 regulations hence only exclusive persons would be allowed into the court room.

“We explained why only so many lawyers will be allowed here. It is because of space, Covid-19 safety protocols and security. We have another room… In this room, we have counsels who are fully participating. You can observe from the next door. Even counsel who are here who exceed the number given will not be allowed in this room,” said Justice Ouko.



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