USAID Sponsors A Youth Umbrella Initiative In Kisii 


United States Agency for  International Development( USAID), has sponsored a youth-driven initiative in Kisii county to sustain a previous project whose term of implementation had expired.

The new outfit dubbed” Kisii Endelevu Trust Initiative “will operate as an umbrella body for youth groups to spur development and growth thus complementing the devolved area government in 25 constituencies.

Youth groups representatives from Saccos, civil society, faith, and community-based organizations met in Kisii town to review the five-year strategic plan and policies on gender mainstreaming, youths, and growth.

The board chairman Dr. John Nyambega explained development partners will be enlisted to train the youth group members on financial management. 

He emphasized the role of group committees in whipping the members to participate fully in the development activities for sustainability.

Program officer, Asha  Esbon  Moronya cited suicide cases, gender-based violence, and mental health as some of the social challenges affecting the youth and which will be prioritized tackling by the initiative.

According to Moronya, the residents will be educated on how to support the implementation of the youth programs if they were to benefit them.

Justine  Mabeya, the secretary disclosed underway plans to launch a sustained funds drive including reaching out to donors with a view to facilitating the programmes.

He assured the beneficiaries of transparency and accountability in the implementation of the programme.

USAID had successfully undertaken a massive youth empowerment programme in the larger Gusii region which saw the formation of Sacco’s, poultry, bee-keeping projects, and grassroots forums to discuss emerging socio-economic issues.



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