Unify Deaf Choir To Entertain King’s Coronation Event


The Unify all Deaf Performers- a sign language choir will be performing at Windsor Castle on Sunday evening as part of the celebrations for King Charles III’s coronation which is set for Saturday, May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey.

The King will be crowned alongside the Queen at a lavish once-in-a-generation event that will take place at the same church where all 39 coronations occurred.

According to Miss Katie J Redstar, a member of the Unify choir, the group comprises Deaf persons who are big advocates of British Sign Language (BSL) and aim at making it more accessible and frequently used.

The group is also focused on getting more Deaf people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

Fourteen members out of 34 regular performers of the group will be performing at the coronation ceremony.

All of the group members at Unify are deaf and they come together from all over the country to rehearse over Zoom.

The choir was formed in May 2022 to perform at the National Lottery’s Jubilee Street Party in front of 22,000 people.

Rebecca A Withey, a leader of the choir in an article said the youngest member of the group is 20 years and the oldest is 6o years.

She further added that the team always ensures every member is comfortable since they also have a member with a physical disability hence in a wheelchair and two deafblind members.

Prince Charles was next in line to the throne and was crowned king after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022.

Signs TV being a champion of disability inclusion, congratulates the Unify team for their incredible news and work.


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