Unga Prices Set To Drop To 100/-


The government on Monday announced a drop in the prices of maize flour after introducing a massive subsidy to millers.

Retailers were directed to sell the two-kilogram packet of flour at Ksh100 from 230.

However, the relief will only last for a month after which the government says the prices will have dropped back to normal.

In a statement by the Ministry of Agriculture, a team will be deployed to ensure Kenyans get the commodity at the recommended prices.

“It is agreed between the parties that the ministry shall deploy market surveillance teams to ensure that sifted maize flour is sold at the maximum recommended retail price”, stated the statement.

The subsidy program will be monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture as well as the National Treasury, Cereal Millers Association, and Grain Mill Owners Association.

Local millers had earlier cited a shortage of raw materials which is maize and had disrupted the supply chain adding that importing was too expensive for them and the only option was increasing flour prices.

The move by millers has subjected Kenyans to untold suffering for the last two months as ugali is a staple food in most Kenyan households. New maize flour prices will be as follows;

  • 50 kg – 2250
  • 10 KG- Ksh 440
  • 5KG – Ksh 250
  • 2 KG – Ksh 100
  • 1 KG – Ksh 52
  • 500 grams- Ksh 30


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