Ukraine Pleads For Help


Missiles pounded the Ukrainian capital on Friday as Russian forces pressed their advance which has forced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski to plead with the international community to do more, saying sanctions announced so far were not enough.

This comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion which has shocked the world, millions of people were forced to shelter in the underground metro stations.

Ukrainian officials said a Russian aircraft had been shot down and crashed into a building in Kyiv overnight, setting it ablaze and injuring eight people.

A senior Ukrainian official said Russian forces would enter areas just outside the capital later on Friday and that Ukrainian troops were defending positions on four fronts despite being outnumbered.

Windows had been blasted out of a 10-story apartment block near Kyiv’s main airport, where a two-meter crater filled with rubble showed where a shell had struck before dawn. A policeman said people were injured there but not killed.

“I know people there, they are my friends,” he said of Russia. “What do they need from me? War has come to my house and that’s it.”

By Reuters


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