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News Updated: 03 October 2023 06:22 EAT 246 Views | ~ 1 minute

Turkana Leaders Unite to Combat Insecurity in Turkana East

Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has affirmed that a united effort among leaders is vital to addressing the ongoing issue of banditry. He stressed their determination to alleviate the suffering of the county's residents at the hands of these criminals.

"I belong to a region that has grappled with insecurity for an extended period. I comprehend the magnitude of the problem, and when I express my commitment to ending insecurity, it's more than mere rhetoric; I intend to take meaningful action," he asserted.

The Turkana Governor further pledged that leaders would engage with Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki to address the conflict surrounding proposed new divisions along the Baringo border—an issue causing concern among the leaders.

During his developmental tour of Turkana East Sub-County, the Governor engaged in public meetings and interacted with Lomelo, Kamuge, and Asekonang'ilukia residents. He outlined development projects for the region, including resettlement schemes targeting areas abandoned due to insecurity, such as Napeitom, Lomelo, and Asekon-ang'ilukia.

Critical issues to be tackled in the area, as highlighted by the Governor, encompass water shortages, food security, and persistent insecurity.

Lomorukai emphasized his commitment to fair recruitment practices for senior county staff, assuring residents of collaboration with partner organizations like the World Food Programme and World Vision for relief distribution, aligning with the government's relief plans for the financial year.

He stressed that his push for unity among leaders aimed to eliminate divisive politics and focus strongly on issues affecting the residents. He expressed readiness to collaborate with Turkana East MP Nicholas Ng'ikor in advancing sub-county development.

Speaker Christopher Nakuleu underscored the need to prioritize Suguta regions in the planned recruitment of National Police Reservists to address escalating insecurity.

Turkana East Deputy County Commissioner Moses Karwigi assured residents of active collaboration between the National Government, County Government, and local leaders on various security initiatives.

Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) on the tour included Willy Nalimo (Kapedo), Willy Napuyo (Lokori/Kochodin), Alphonse Loteder (Katilia), David Ekod (Kerio Delta), and nominated members Rebecca Epae, Lydia Ejore, and Sarah Abdi.

County Secretary Peter Eripete led a team of county officials accompanying the Governor, including County Executives Elizabeth Loote (Trade), David Erukudi (Agriculture), Peter Akono (Lands), James Wangiros (Public Service), Patrick Losike (Roads), and Dr. Anthony Apalia (Health).

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