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Rap Meets Vocals, Nikita And Khaligraph Release Local Collision “Ex”

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Kenya’s renowned rapper Khaligraph Jones and multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Nikita Kering’, the Kenyan artistes representing Kenya in Global COKE STUDIO this season, on Thursday officially released their collision “Ex”, their first joint project under COKE STUDIO.

This comes shortly after the two were introduced as COKE STUDIO artists during a colorful event held in uptown Nairobi.

The song, a remix of the hit song “Ex”, previously done by Nikita, is a beautiful fusion of Khaligraph’s rap and Nikita’s angelic vocals, providing a new and unique musical experience to fans of the duo.

“Through this collision, we have witnessed a convergence of stories, styles, and the very soul of Kenyan music. It’s a reminder that our music is diverse, powerful, and unites us all, regardless of our backgrounds,” said Miriam Limo, Coca-Cola’s Senior Head of Marketing Kenya, while addressing COKE STUDIO fans at the exclusive listening party held to launch the collision.

This year marks the second season in which COKE STUDIO has adopted a global approach, featuring a different format.

Under this format, there are no staged live performances, no electronic spins on nostalgic hits, and no weekly episodes presenting a variety of songs.

Instead, COKE STUDIO has taken an ‘always-on’ approach with the introduction of Cokestudio.com, a web-based platform by Coca-Cola.

This platform provides exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content and new music releases from our partner artists, showcasing a diverse mix of global, regional, and local talent.

“Over the past 75 years, the Coca‑Cola Company’s global music strategy has evolved to foster partnerships that benefit artists, fans, and its brands alike. We continue to work with the music industry more as partners to create elevated, music-driven content, storytelling, and experiences that reflect how fans are consuming content and engaging with the music and artists they love,” said Caleb Ajidahun, Franchise Director of Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola’s ‘Real Magic’ brand philosophy celebrates the magic of human connection and the belief that our differences make the world a richer and more interesting place.

Throughout this season, fans can access COKE STUDIO content through a “Drink. Scan. Enjoy” on-pack activation. In line with COKE STUDIO’s strategy to engage with Gen Z, who are predominantly online and in digital platforms, WI-FI hotspots have been strategically deployed across the country.

Fans need to input the code under the cap of their Coke bottles to activate the Wi-Fi and enjoy exclusive COKE STUDIO content.

Since its inception in 2017, COKE STUDIO has established a strong presence in Kenya and has now expanded into a global phenomenon, poised to facilitate even greater consumer engagement.

During this season, audiences will continue to engage with COKE STUDIO through increased partnerships with festivals, listening parties, and campus tours across the country to further connect with fans.

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