President Ruto Reorganizes Gov’t, DP And Prime Cabinet Secretary Roles Well Defined


President William Ruto on Monday reorganized his administration through an executive order which clearly spelled out Deputy President and the Chief Prime Minister’s roles.

The Executive Order which was released hours after the conclusion of a four-day cabinet retreat states that Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi will have two public administrative secretaries under him, one as parliamentary liaison in charge of legislative affairs and the other in performance management and delivery services.

According to President Ruto’s Executive order, Mr. Mudavadi will be the implementation and legislative coordination wing while DP Gachagua will have the supervisory and planning powers, both in conjunction with the President.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary will Chair and co-ordinate the National Government legislative agenda across all ministries and state departments in consultation with Kenya Kwanza Leaders in Parliament.

The office will also oversee the Public Service Performance Management Unit and the government delivery services.

DP Gachagua on the other hand will have two principal administrative secretaries under him, one in charge of administration and co-ordination and the other in charge of devolution and inter-governmental affairs.

The DP will chair cabinet committees and oversee the implementation of decisions passed by the cabinet, he will retain the role of managing relations between the two levels of government and chair the Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council and also coordinate various committees.

The president also in his reorganization placed budget policy and economic affairs under his wing at State House.

The Head of State further created the Office of Fiscal Affairs and Budget Policy, the Office of Economic Transformation, and the Council of Economic Advisers which will help him steer his plan under his direct control and supervision.

Dr. Ruto also reorganized the office of the head of Public Service, combining it with that of chief of staff as had been the case under President Kenyatta’s first term before he separated them.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) was reverted to the Transport Ministry from the Interior Ministry.


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