Persons With Disabilities File Presidential Petition


Persons With Disabilities have filed a petition seeking to challenge the August 2022 presidential election outcome.

In their petition, they claim to have been denied a chance to take part in the polls.

Through their lawyer Danstan Omari, they stated that they had written a letter to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission asking to be provided with assistive devices to enable them take part in the exercise but the commission ignored their request.

Chairperson of the Inua Mlemavu Organization, Michael Makarena, said the 2022 general election was not inclusive of the Persons With Disabilities as most poling stations were not disability friendly.

“It is clearly evident that the impugned general election conducted on August 9 was not free and fair to all as persons who are physically challenged were not able to access the polling stations to exercise their right to vote due to lack of proper facility.” he said.

Lawyer Omari now says the election outcome would have been different if the 800,000 Persons With Disabilities were provided with assistive devices for voting.

Makarena, also revealed that there were no Sign Language Interpreters at polling stations to assist the Deaf voters.

The organization leaders claim to have received several calls from frustrated Persons With physical Impairments who were unable to access polling station due to lack of ramps.

Regards to their late filing of the petition, they say they could not engage lawyers due to lack of funds.


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