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Omanyo’s Plea to Address Flooding Crisis and Economic Hardships

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Catherine Omanyo, the Women Representative of Busia, has called upon the government to take action in response to the persistent flooding issues that have caused significant damage in Bunyala

This comes as the meteorological department issued a warning about the impending El Nino strike.

Omanyo is advocating for the government to either provide resettlement options or find alternative solutions for more than 300 households who have been displaced since 2020. These families have been living in temporary camps, facing dire economic hardship during these challenging times.

During the launch of the ‘Mama Shelter Initiative,’ which aims to construct homes for affected families in Bunyala who lost their residences due to the floods, Omanyo challenged the government to urgently address the issue of Lake Victoria backflow, which has left many families in the region homeless.

One of the beneficiaries of this initiative, Roseline Akinyi from the Mudoma area, expressed her joy as she finally had a place to call home with the help of the Busia Women Representative’s office.

Regarding the recent fuel price increase, Omanyo urged the government to reconsider implementing a fuel subsidy to alleviate the economic burden on Kenyans who are already facing tough times.

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