NatGeo, Disney’s New Environmental Kids Show To Air On 24th September


National Geographic and Walt Disney Company have paired up and gone a notch higher in educating children on wildlife and planet conservation.

This will be achieved through their project “Team Sayari”. Team Sayari is an African children’s show that focuses on environmental and wildlife conversation.

Sayari means planet;beauty of nature and the name itself has no particular origin as some say its Swahili and others say its Indian.

Team Sayari was launched on September 17th this year, at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi.

Walt Disney senior vice president and country manager of the Christian Service(, Wildlife Direct Head of communications(Trish Sewe), USAID environment Kenya and East Africa communications Manager (Lilly Bakele), and White Rhino Films Partnership and Business Development lead(Susan Kimanzi)  were in attendance and had an elaborate description of what the show aims to achieve in the future.

They revealed that the studio and the field presenters are children from the countries that the show visits.

Among the show presenters are 5 Kenyan youngsters aged between 13 years and 15 years.

They shall explore intriguing facts about the environment and interview experts on the ground so that they understand what is needed to conserve our natural world.

Team Sayari will meet National Geographic explorers and trailblazers in the fields of conservation, science, nature, wildlife, and the environment.

The show was then graced with a  premiere of two exclusive episodes. It will be aired every Saturday at 2PM on National Geographic Wild and Disney Channel on DSTV ,starting on 24th September this year.

“We realise that not everyone can have access to television. There will be an outreach programme that we expect to reach over 10 thousand children in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in the first phase,” said WildlifeDirect Head of Communication ,Trish Sewe.



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