Naivas Confirms Ransomware Attack



Naivas Supermarket has confirmed a ransomware attack by an online criminal organization called the “Threat Actor” that occurred on Sunday 23rd April.

In a statement by commercial officer Wily Kimani to the media, the chain store took immediate action to prevent the cyber security attack.

“Naivas took immediate steps to prevent external access and engaged leading cybersecurity experts CrowdStrike to ensure system integrity,” Kimani said in the statement. 

According to Kimani, Naivas’ systems may have been compromised but do not contain user or customer banking details such as credit card or debit card information hence no customer information will be leaked to the public as threatened by the hackers.

Mr. Willy also stated that Naivas took immediate steps to prevent external access and engaged leading cyber security experts CrowdStrike to ensure system integrity.

“The process is complete and the systems are secure. There is also cooperation with law enforcement agencies to investigate the ransomware attacks at Naivas and many that are currently happening in Kenya,” read the statement.

The commercial officer further added that the supermarket is monitoring, along with law enforcement agencies, claims that the hackers may leak the data online.

“We and law enforcement agencies are monitoring this closely. Naivas has also informed the office of the Data Protection Commissioner Kenya of this incident,” Mr. Kimani added.


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