Labour Day is an annual celebration that occurs on 1 may. It pays tribute to the achievements of workers and their contribution to their countries’ economic developments.

On this day the government and the people honor workers and recognize their contributions to the society.

For most countries Labour Day is linked with international workers day. In other countries, Labour Day is celebrated on a different date.

Labor Day is one of the most valued holidays In Kenya. It’s a day off for the general population, including schools and businesses.

People all over the world celebrate international workers day through singing, dancing, flower, baskets and other traditions. Regardless of race and culture, people come as one in celebration.


Labour Day was first celebrated on May 1st 1890 after its proclamation by the first international congress for socialist parties in Europe on July 14th 1889, in Paris, France, to commit May 1st every year as the “Workers Day of International Unity and Solidarity”. The central Labor union organized the first Labor Day holiday. it was celebrated in New York on Tuesday 5 September 1882. Kenya attained its independence on 12 December 1963 and celebrated its first international workers day as independent nation on May 1st 1964.


  1. It provides an opportunity for workers to unite in solidarity, express gratitude for progress made and reflect on progress required.
  2. It appreciates and celebrates the vital contributions of workers to society. It honors the value of work and the significance of labor practices and the rights of workers.
  3. Its origins anticipate to the efforts to improve working conditions, secure better wages and establish necessary worker protections. It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for social justice, equality and economic farness.



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