Kenyans Wowed By President Ruto’s Magnificent UN Speech


President William Ruto has swept many Kenyans off their feet after giving his speech at the 77 United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) on September 21, 2022.

He gave his debut address which has left many mesmerized by his eloquence and articulation.

Bringing up his bottom-up economy model at the meeting, he brought out an aura of confidence and commitment to his new position.

His Excellency stated how he believes in the “Building Back Better” initiative which is a global course towards speeding up the recovery of state economies in this post-covid era.

Known to many as “Hustler” – a word that he adopted to sell his ideology, his ethics are centered on marginalized areas to uplift the standards of living and offer solutions to the social, economic, and political tribulations.

He also pointed out the “hustler fund” generated to offer financial assistance to ordinary citizens like “mama mboga” and “boda boda.” This system will ensure that the aforementioned access money to hoist their businesses.

President Ruto requested the United Nations security council to elaborate on Africa’s representation.

He further talked about climate change and persistent drought that has mauled over the horn of Africa affecting 20 million lives.

These are a few of the responses from Kenyans about the president’s inaugural speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Aspiring politician Alinur Mohammed shared on his official twitter account, “I refuse to be told and believe that President Ruto was reading from a teleprompter.

Clearly there was none. Let’s accept that president William Ruto  was well prepared to deliver his maiden address at the 77th session of the UN general assembly.”

Ambassador Macharia Kamau has also said, “ President Ruto UN inaugural speech. And what a tour de force! A great speech that laid it all out there for the world to hear! Called out the shame and the failures of the world while prescribing concrete doable &achievable solutions. World class! Another proud moment for Kenya.”

Shiru Witu on twitter is convinced that President Ruto was the right choice Kenya made. According to her, the speech had colour, depth and breadth.

Ndindi Nyoro has described President Ruti’s speech as bold and powerful.

Chepngetich Ivy stated, “…I can’t hold my smile, I’m so proud of Bill. Ruto is an orator, eloquent, audible and resourceful president.Indeed we Kenyans chose a leader.”

Way to go Mr. President! You have made Kenya proud.



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