Kenya Power Initiates Measures To Curb Electrocution


As part of the electricity awareness exercise, the Kenya power company has enhanced measures to prevent the electrocution of animals, especially birds who settle on the power lines.

In a statement released on Monday by the power company, the cause of electrocution has been blamed on steel-reinforced concrete poles that replaced wooden poles which they say, as some birds land on them and drop a wing to the lower wire, they complete a circuit allowing the current to travel through their body.

The company further said electrocution occurs mostly on the smaller distribution poles, rather than on the larger transmission lines.

The most affected areas are those with large-bodied bird species like Lake Nakuru National Park, Naivasha, Kinangop, and Dandora.

The initiatives undertaken by the Kenya power company to salvage the situation include; the installation of perching deterrents and re-configuration of power lines to reduce the risk of electrocution.

A 33Kv power has been installed in some areas so as to provide enough space for birds as they take off or land.

Further, pole tops and other structures have been covered with reflector balls to scare away animals and other birds from perching on them.

Kenya Power Managing Director Eng. Geoffrey Muli said they are willing to partner with other environmental organizations so as to come up with more measures.

According to research, it’s due to electrocution that birds have undergone significant declines which need to be addressed immediately.



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