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News Updated: 15 August 2023 09:39 EAT 296 Views | ~ 1 minute

I Aspire to Be Like Eric Omondi - Kenyan Deaf Comedian Opens Up

i-aspire-to-be-like-eric-omondi-kenyan-deaf-comedian-opens-up Image

A thriving Deaf comedian proved to live beyond limits after narrating his journey to success during an exclusive interview with Signs TV.

Ben Werangai has been a top comedian representing the Deaf Community, thanks to his spirit of determination.

“As a kid, I loved comedy so much. My teacher took the initiative to select me as the school's representative for the Drama Festivals.

I take pride in asserting that I often emerged victorious in the majority of the competitions, starting my participation back in Class Five,” he stated.

Comedian Ben Werangai, August 15, 2023

He attributed his achievements in the realm of comedy to the inspiration he drew from comedian Eric Omondi, whom he fondly regarded as his guiding light.

"During my formative years, I possessed significant boldness, which empowered me to entertain audiences with my comedic performances. I aspire to emulate Eric Omondi's distinctive presence and greatly admire his standout qualities," he said.
Werangai, now employed at Signs TV, affirmed that his comedic endeavors paved the way for his entry into the realm of media.

The Managing Director of Signs Media stumbled upon my comedy videos on YouTube. Following this discovery, he conducted further research and extended an invitation for me to join the TV station as a comedian.

Within three months of joining Signs TV, I was enrolled in journalism training by the manager. I currently serve as a news presenter and also have the privilege of hosting a comedy show named "Sign Out Loud," which airs every Wednesday and Friday.

The flourishing comedian revealed that he couldn't pursue higher education due to financial constraints. Nevertheless, he takes immense satisfaction in his current identity, as his aspiration had always been to establish himself as a renowned comedian.

"I'm living my dream," he affirmed.

Prior to joining Signs TV, he encountered numerous obstacles while sharing his humorous videos.

"I used my phone to record videos before uploading them to YouTube. The most significant hurdle was the absence of an interpreter, which made it difficult to convey my comedic content to the hearing audience. My comedies were only accessible to the Deaf.

Now, I'm delighted because Signs TV provides ample interpreters, enabling me to reach a global audience," he observed.

With words of encouragement aimed at the Deaf community, Werangai urged them to follow his example if they aspired to achieve similar success.

"I want to encourage the Deaf community to challenge themselves, persist in their practice, and never lose hope," he concluded.


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