Government to Enhance Industrial Training and Skill Development

Principal Secretary (PS) State Department for Labor and Skills Development Shadrack Mwadime briefs the media after a familiarization tour of the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), Mombasa. PHOTO COURTESY OF KNA

The government has pledged to expand industrial training and foster skill development by establishing business hubs and incubation centers at National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) centers across the country. These initiatives aim to increase employment opportunities in skilled sectors.

During a visit to the Mombasa NITA facility, Shadrack Mwadime, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Labour and Skills Development, emphasized the importance of guiding young individuals towards business incubation hubs.

Mwadime highlighted NITA’s role in equipping individuals with technical skills and certifications, enhancing their employability locally and internationally. He emphasized the competitive nature of the global job market, underscoring the need to empower youth with the skills to meet international labor standards.

Furthermore, Mwadime explained that the remittances from Kenyan workers abroad are contributing significantly to the local economy. To facilitate this, the government plans to send more young people for training, particularly to Middle Eastern countries, equipping them with the necessary skills for these job opportunities.

He also revealed that the government is developing a model based on Middle Eastern cultures to train individuals in what is expected of them in these countries, ensuring their sustainability in the job market.

To expand opportunities for employment and economic growth, the government intends to export labor to various international markets, especially to countries where technical skills are in demand.

The overarching goal is to elevate individuals from the lower economic strata to become middle-income earners, making them self-sufficient.

The Ministry plans to promote available facilities within the country for skill acquisition, emphasizing the importance of certification for those who already possess the required skills, enabling them to access local and international job markets.


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