Fuel Restocked


The government’s recent affirmation to restore normalcy in the petroleum supply seems to have been executed as confirmed by Energy Cabinet secretary Monica Juma.

CS Juma says fuel supply has been restored in all parts of the country.

“By yesterday 18th April 2022, the Ministry can confirm that majority of petroleum retail stations across the country were carrying out business as normal,” Juma said.

She stated that as of April 18, the total petroleum stock held by Kenya Pipeline Company Limited (KPC) included 52,900,000 liters of Super Petrol and 82,177,000 Litres of Diesel.

“Further to the above stock, KPC commenced the discharge of 120 million liters of Super Petrol after which another 212 million liters of diesel will be discharged,” she said.

The CS further revealed that a total of 10,614500 liters of super petrol and 13,329,000 liters of diesel were loaded and distributed in the country.

Juma lauded government agencies and Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for ensuring that petroleum products loadings and deliveries continued throughout the Easter Weekend. 

Juma said that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has commenced investigations on companies that were reported not to maintain minimum operational stocks or to hoard petroleum in the past 2 weeks.

She urged consumers to report any price non-compliant retail stations to the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) for action.

“Petroleum wholesalers and retailers are also encouraged to report to EPRA those OMCs offering petroleum for sale at exorbitant prices at the wholesale level,” Juma said.

She reaffirmed that there is adequate availability of petroleum products at the points of use.

Kenyan households and businesses are currently rationing fuel due to the hike in prices which slowed operations in every sector across the country.

The following is the new fuel price summary in the major cities:



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