Fuel Prices Drop Slightly


Kenyans will pay slightly less at the pump for the next month after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) announced a decrease in fuel prices starting May 15th, 2024, and lasting until June 14th.

This follows a larger price reduction in April. Super petrol will be down by Sh1 per litre, with average prices around Sh192 nationwide.

Diesel sees a slightly bigger drop of Sh1.20 per litre, averaging around Sh179 nationally. Kerosene prices take the biggest cut at Sh1.30 per litre, averaging around Sh168 across the country.

Nairobi residents will pay Sh192.84 for super petrol, Sh179.18 for diesel, and Sh168.76 for kerosene. Mombasa will see lower prices with super petrol at Sh189.66, diesel at Sh176.01, and kerosene at Sh165.59.

This price reduction comes despite a slight increase in global fuel costs. According to EPRA, the weaker Kenyan shilling and the previous month’s significant price cut contributed to this month’s lower prices.


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