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DJ Evolve’s Healing Journey

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Felix Orinda, famously known as DJ Evolve is said to be close to getting back his voice and healing after over two years of numerous surgeries and medical procedures.

Dj Evolve took a sad trajectory on January 17th, 2020, after he was shot by the then Embakasi East MP Babu Owino at B Club located in Kilimani.

He was at the particular location as an entertainer where he was doing his usual DJ duties when after a small altercation, he got shot.

The entertainer has been unable to walk and talk after the incident and has since been under keen medication.

He has been relying on tracheostomy, which is a hole made in the front of the neck to allow a tube to be inserted into the trachea(windpipe) to assist a patient in breathing.

This is an intervention done after a person suffers severe trauma to the neck. “We asked the doctor who has been treating Evolve since the shooting how long Evolve has to stay with the tube and he said my son has a blockage that needs to be removed. It will need three surgeries and they are not easy to do.”

This is when he will be able to get his voice back,” said Mr. Orinda speaking to Nairobi News on Monday.

The father also noted that Dj Evolve’s medical bill has been paid for by Babu Owino and that he promised to see to each payment till the patient gets well.

DJ Evolve has been responding well to treatment and that he has been able to sit down under training.

The attempted murder charge against the legislator, however, was dropped after DJ Evolve filed a withdrawal application.


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