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News Updated: 16 March 2023 09:24 EAT 323 Views | ~ 46 seconds

County Gov't Decry Delay In Disbursement Of Funds

county-govt-decry-delay-in-disbursement-of-funds Image

Governors now want the government to fast-track the disbursement of county funds in a bid for the counties to run smoothly.

According to the county bosses, the delay in the disbursement of the funds is threatening devolution.

Speaking during the 11th summit of Lake Region Economic Bloc currently on its second day in Migori county, they cited that continued delay in the disbursement of funds to county government from the National treasury hampers development activities in the counties.

The governors castigated calls by the controller of the budget for counties not to spend any money on development.

The county bosses cited they are carrying the burden of pending bills from previous regimes and other operational funds for paying necessities like county bursaries, purchasing medical equipment, and paying county workers hence there is no money left for development.

Kakamega governor and chair of finance, planning and economic affairs in the Council Of Governors CPA Ferdinand Barraza, said that the counties have not received funds for four months now starting from November last year from the national kitty.

Therefore, counties are forced to enter financial engineering by borrowing funds from lenders and other commercial banks so as to meet operational costs.

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