CJ Koome Swears In Officials Of IEBC Selection Panel

Chief Justice Martha Koome During The Swearing Of IEBC Selection Panel/photo courtesy

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) selection panel nominees took an Oath of Office on Thursday at the Supreme Court presided over by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The members who had already been approved and vetted by Parliament included; Bethuel Sugut, Nelson Makanda, Benson Ngugi, Charity Kisotu, and Evans Misati.

Speaking at the Supreme Court Building in Nairobi, CJ Koome Congratulated the Panel for assuming office and reminded them that they are at the Service of Kenyans and must therefore discharge their mandate fairly and by the Constitution.

The lady Justice exuded confidence in the new team noting their appointment is merited given that they are distinguished professionals in various professions.

“I urge you to bear in mind that you are at the service of Kenyans and therefore must discharge your mandate fairly and by the law. You are intended to be a major facilitator of the realization of an electoral body composition that is fair and just by the constitutional edict,” stated Koome

While referring to the country’s electoral history, the CJ said the panel has an enormous responsibility in ensuring that the process accords national unity and state stability.

Further, Koome urged the commissioners to observe their oath of office by recognizing and appreciating the trust bestowed upon them which mandates one to perform functions with strict adherence to the constitution and law.

“I encourage you to remain faithful to this oath of faith in the discharge of your responsibilities bearing in mind the enormous responsibilities placed upon you,” the CJ reiterated.

She pleaded with the members to choose IEBC commissioners who would have high integrity, who are fair, and who will fulfill the objectives of the Kenyans.

The panel will be responsible for the recruitment of IEBC commissioners.


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