Chinese Invent Long-Distance Kissing Device

Chinese kissing device/photo courtesy

Do you want to send your long-distance lover a kiss? A Chinese apparatus with life-like lips has the solution.

The much-talked-about device was invented by Chinese University students in Changzhou city. The device was advertised as a way to let long-distance couples share “real” physical intimacy.

It is equipped with pressure sensors and actuators and is said to be able to mimic a real kiss by replicating the pressure, movement, and temperature of a user’s lips. Along with the kissing motion, it can also transmit the sound the user makes.

To send a kiss, users need to download a mobile phone app and plug the device into their phone’s charging port. After pairing with their partners in the app, couples can start a video call and transmit replicas of their kisses to each other.

The Chinese device also allows users to pair up anonymously with strangers in the “kissing square” function of the app. If two strangers match successfully and like each other, they can ask to exchange kisses.

Users can also upload their smooches in the app for others to download and experience. The device costs Sh.5247 (288 Yuan).

“In my university, I was in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend so we only had contact with each other through the phone. That’s where the inspiration of this device originated,” Jiang Zhongli, the leading inventor of the design, was cited as saying.

Social media users are both shocked and intrigued over the device. Some users described it as “creepy” and “ vulgar”.  Another less repulsed netizen thanked technology for such an invention.



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