Chef Maliha’s Record-Breaking Marathon Cooks Up Controversy


Kenyan culinary star Chef Maliha Mohammed’s attempt to claim the title of “longest home kitchen cook” in the Guinness World Records has hit a spicy snag.

After a grueling 150-hour marathon in her home kitchen, shattering the previous record by a significant 30 hours, Chef Maliha’s dreams were dashed upon learning of her disqualification. The culprit? A seemingly minor misstep during a designated rest break.

“Hey guys, Assalamun aleykumIt is with much sadness to inform my family, friends, fans, sponsors, followers, and everyone who showed love and support towards my journey in the November cooking marathon.Upon my manager’s advice, I have to let you know I was disqualified for 1 error made during my rest break. I am not okay right now. I ask for your forgiveness to have let you all down. It wasn’t easy.” Chef Maliha wrote .

Sharing the news with her fans on social media, Chef Maliha expressed her heartbreak.However, her message remained one of resilience. She acknowledged the disappointment but vowed to continue pushing the boundaries of culinary endurance, perhaps hinting at a future attempt to reclaim the record and potentially establish even more ambitious goals.

“But I know God has other plans for me in shaa Allah because what’s meant for you will simply find you. To those who were waiting for this record, I am truly sorry.” The Coast-based chef added.

Now, fans around the world are left wondering. Will Chef Maliha return to the kitchen for another record-breaking showdown? Or will this disqualification leave a lasting mark, forever altering the course of her culinary marathon aspirations? One thing’s for sure: the world has been left hungry for Chef Maliha’s next chapter, and the anticipation for her next culinary feat is sure to simmer.


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