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Bishop Muheria Calls For Action In Tackling Rising Cost Of Living

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Nyeri Diocese Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Muheria, wants the country to tone down on the rhetoric about the rising cost of living and refocus the energy towards implementing tangible actions to alleviate the immediate suffering being experienced by Kenyans.

Archbishop Muheria says that much as there was nothing wrong with talking about the tough economic times, too much time has already been spent talking about the strategies that need to be put in place to tackle the cost of living at the expense of addressing the plight of the many Kenyans who are unable to sustain themselves.

“What we really need to discuss is the poor and hungry person. That person who is dying of hunger is the real discussion not the theoretical discussions but actions to help that person put food on the table today,” he said.

“It should not just be a generic discussion but it should be what are we actually doing to ensure that relief reaches the person in need? What are we doing to make sure that this doesn’t happen again?” he posed.

He also cautioned on the tendency to adopt knee-jerk reaction approach while addressing issues and called for government to commit to following through their verbal plans with actions. According to the cleric, much had already been promised but there is very little on the ground to show.

“It is good to speak but we need to put our words into actions. Let us commit in a strategic way and let us have less rhetoric,” said the prelate.

The cleric was speaking after celebrating the Ash Wednesday mass at the Our Lady Consolata Cathedral in Nyeri. In his message, he urged Kenyans to use the season of Lent to show empathy to the less fortunate.

While terming it a time of renewal, Archbishop Muheria further called on Kenyans to use the period to exercise social justice and practice true brotherhood amid the hypocrisy that is being witnessed in the country.

“Lent is a time of conversion for Christians. We are being invited to practice self-denial through acts of mercy and helping those around us. We are being called to reject the vile and pitiful things. We are also being called to fast in our tongues in the terrible words of insults we are speaking and to correct our bad ways to good ways,” he said.

According to the Catholic calendar, Ash Wednesday, is set as a solemn reminder of human mortality and the need for reconciliation with God. The day also marks the commencement of Lent season-which is six and a half weeks before Easter.

The day also marks the beginning of the penitential Lenten season and it is commonly celebrated with the application of ashes on the forehead by the catholic priest and is followed by fasting for 40 days.


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