assistALL, Best Mobile App For Persons With Disabilities


Second Mobile App Summit and Awards 2022 nominated Signs Media’s assitALL app as the best mobile application for persons with disabilities at an event held on Thursday in Nairobi.

The event saw various incredible mobile apps showcased which is in line with the mobile app awards mission of celebrating the mobile industry.

Signs Media Managing Director and assitALL app founder Luke Muleka

Signs Media Managing Director and assitALL app founder Luke Muleka, speaking during a panel discussion with other three elite members who were tasked to articulate matters of mobile revolutions and important findings said, mobile phones occupy a huge space in a person’s life and with the current evolution, mobile phones have become assistive devices for persons with disabilities.

“A mobile phone does not just accord you an opportunity to make calls and send texts, in my case a mobile phone has become an assistive technology, people with visual impairments can do so much, and the deaf can now communicate using a phone,” he explained.

Mr. Muleka observed that with the rapid growth in mobile phone technology, several daily activities will be conducted via the devices such as learning, banking, and treatment among others.

As the founder of the assitALL app, he stated that mobile phone network accessibility has been a great challenge to the mobile phone market and he says if improved, there is growth potential and more people will venture into the market.

“The market is going to grow not only by the virtue of just new mobile phones being injected in it but also the refurbished mobile phones and more people are going to get into that business, the business of mobile phones has not picked up, it is just starting,” he said.

Mr. Muleka exuded confidence that with the involvement in the mobile phone market, persons with disabilities will be able to solve their problems without help citing the assitALL app which for the first time gave the Deaf an opportunity to take part in the 2022 August general elections.

assitALL app allows anybody across the world to access sign language interpretation services, enhancing inclusion and breaking communication barriers.

Other mobile apps that were awarded include, Sasa doctor which scooped the award for the best mobile app for health and fitness, Riziki app received the award for the best app for workplace inclusion and Tingg app best app for digital payments.



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