Another Mystery Church In Kwale Uncovered

The Rainbow Faith Ministries Church in Vumbu Area in Kwale/PHOTO COURTESY


A notice has been issued with two teams being sworn in to investigate cult leaders, advocates of religious extremism, fake prophets, and other unscrupulous religious leaders in the country.

Police are now investigating The Rainbow Faith Ministries Church in Vumbu Area in Kwale believed to host hundreds of believers and rumors suggesting that it promotes cultic religious ideology.

Mzee Mdata Nyamawi, leader of the church located in a forested area opened the church in 2017. Racheal Mwaka, a congregant stated in a Citizen TV interview that they started worshipping as a family before their neighbors joined them.

Some of the congregants are said to have left high-profile jobs in big companies, others coming from the Masadeni and Barcelona areas to stay in the church to worship and do manual labor.

Authorities are investigating the situation and have dispersed the congregation on health and security grounds as Masambweni Deputy County Commissioner Lotiatia Kipketch stated that there are only one or two toilets and a Cholera outbreak is easy to occur.

There are also minors in the church being advised to quit schooling. There are also students that live at the leader’s home without their parent’s consent.

Vumbu Area administrator also expressed concern as he stated that there is no problem with worshipping but the neighbors are also concerned as to how a homestead can house over 100 people.

The task force in the Review of the Legal and Regulatory Framework Governing Religious Organizations is expected to have proposals For the standard and minimum certification requirements for all religious Organizations.


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