Universities Advised To Embrace Research And Innovation


Principal Secretary University Education and Research Amb. Simon Nabukwesi believes in innovation which he says, will create employment and empower the youths in the country.

Speaking during the opening of the Meru University of Science and technology management’s joint workshop in Mombasa, Nabukwesi encouraged university management to embrace research and innovation in line with emerging global trends so that they can be globally competitive.

“The outputs from universities should be globally competitive and fit for the development needs of our nation for example research and innovation and commercialization and capacity building of students,” said Nabukwesi.

Universities in the country have been grappling with limited capacity to research and innovate, and in the Meru University workshop, the management was looking at how they can embrace best practices to make it globally more competitive.

“The workshop is timely in the sense of the relevance of the quality education, empowerment of learners, and mentorship of learners, through good teaching and of course the university should coordinate them on how to manage that,” said Nabukwesi.

He urged the higher learning institutions to exercise very high Prudence in management of resources, mobilization of resources, and planning as well.

Prof Bosire Monari, the chairperson of the Meru University council, said the workshop will provide a good opportunity for the university management and council to evaluate their performance and how they can do better by ensuring quality teaching, research, and service to the community so as they offer solutions to the developments of the country by churning out full baked graduates.


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