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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns

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Boris Johnson on Thursday resigned as the British Prime Minister citing pressure from lawmakers in his own party to step down.

Boris’resignition also followed the resignation of his party members (the conservative Party) which weakened his authority and paralyzed the British government.

While addressing a crowd at Downing Street, Boris said there is a need for the party to immediately get a new leader and a prime minister.

In his speech, he blamed his party members for his downfall adding that he remain in office until a new leader is elected.

Boris has further appointed a new cabinet to replace his party members who resigned, although no new policies will be made.

The conservative party will still remain in power and is expected to elect a new leader, no election will be conducted.

Media reports indicate that over 51 ministers have so far resigned.

The members who had resigned cited protests at how the PM had handled allegations of misconduct against a prominent Conservative Party lawmaker.

According to the Reuters report, Johnson had defied pressure to quit on Wednesday from senior ministers and a mounting rebellion within his ruling Conservative Party, saying he will fight off any attempts to oust him over a series of scandals, Reuters reports.

Following Boris’ work history as reported in a Washington report, it looks like he had a loose relationship with the truth because, in 1988, he was sacked from the Times of London for making up a quote before making a name for himself as a Brussels correspondent for the Telegraph with exaggerated and inaccurate dispatches.

In 2004, he was fired from a leadership post in the Conservative Party after he lied about having an affair.

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