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Bethany Tahilla Migosi,Top 2021 KCPE Special Needs Candidate

Bethany Tahillah Migosi from Thorn Grove Academy in kitengela emerged as the top student with special needs in the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) with 417 marks.

Speaking in an interview with Signs Tv, she expressed her joy for being on top attributing her success to the great support from her dedicated parents and the school.

“I didn’t expect to be at the top I was surprised when I heard the news”, she said.

Bethany wishes to join Kenya High school and later pursue law at the university level, a childhood dream inspired by a movie she watched people being treated with injustice and oppression.

She has a physical disability, a condition that affects an individual’s body movement and control, this came with a number of challenges forcing her to join a special needs school(Thorn Grove Academy).

While studying at Thorn Grove academy, she was treated with respect and valued just like any other person, her teachers focused on her ability which in the end made her accept her condition.

Throughout her 8-year journey, she was motivated by people around her, which made it possible for her to utilize her potential in academics.

Dressing was not an easy task for her, she always chose oversize jackets and sweaters just to cover her hand, she hated her body and wanted to hide her disability, she never considered herself beautiful.

Lilian Migosi, Bethany’s mother while speaking to signs TV encouraged parents to not only invest ‘for’ their children but also invest ‘in’ the children for their personal growth and development.

Bethany And Her Mum(Lilian Migosi)

Mrs.Migosi described her daughter as a “book lover”.

“Bethany spends most of her time reading sometimes am forced to send her out to play,” she said.

“Just because you are a person with a disability, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the road, be positive about it and pursue harder and most importantly pray about it”, Bethany addressed PWDs.



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