South Africa Welcomes National Disability Rights Awareness Month


The South African Government on Thursday officially launched the start of Disability Rights Awareness Month.

This will be observed from November 3, to December 3 in line with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), under the theme “Not All Disabilities are Visible.”

The theme for this year’s DRAM is “Empowering Persons with Disabilities through resourceful, sustainable and safe environments”.

Disability Rights Awareness Month offers an opportunity for every single person and institution in South Africa to remove barriers and improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities through concrete action.

South African Department of Women, Children, and People with Disabilities are usually responsible for driving the government’s equity, equality, and empowerment agenda in terms of those with disabilities.

According to the Department, this year’s Disability Rights Awareness Month will focus on the following sub-themes identified by the disability sector in South Africa:

Week 1 (07 – 11 Nov)

National Priority 6: Social cohesion and safe communities

Sub-Theme 1: Resourcing the advancement of accessible communication, information, and technology methodologies for persons with disabilities.

Week 2 (14 – 18 Nov)

National Priority 3: Education, Skills and Health       

Sub-Theme 2: Adequate resourcing and supply of all economic and health related services for persons with disabilities.

Week 3 (21 – 25 Nov)

National Priority 6: Social Cohesion and Safer Communities     

Sub-Theme 3: Capacity building on entrepreneurship and business skilling for persons with disabilities.

Week 4 (28 Nov – 03 Dec)

National Priority 5: Social cohesion and safe communities

The above topics will guide the South African government in observing the month up to December 3rd.


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