Prince Harry And Megan Finally Move Out Of Frogmore Cottage

PHOTO BY Rochlin/Getty Images)

By Stacy Odhiambo

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan, his wife, have finally vacated Frogmore Cottage, their residence on the royal family’s Windsor estate, located west of London.

The late Queen Elizabeth II gifted the property to the couple as a wedding present back in 2018.

However, it is believed that they were asked to remove all their remaining belongings shortly after Harry, the younger son of King Charles III, launched a scathing attack on his family in his controversial memoir, titled “Spare,” in January.

During the publication of the annual report on royal finances, senior palace official Michael Stevens announced, “We can confirm that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have vacated Frogmore Cottage.” He also mentioned that he would not provide further details on the arrangements, as he serves as the monarch’s treasurer in his role as Keeper of the Privy Purse.

Stevens revealed that the couple, who now reside in California, had paid £2.4 million ($3 million) to cover the rent and refurbishment costs of Frogmore Cottage, which is owned by the monarch’s Crown Estate.

As a result of losing their UK base, Harry and Meghan, the latter being a former American TV actress, currently lack a permanent residence in the United Kingdom. They made the sensational decision to step back from their royal duties in early 2020 and relocated to the United States.

Despite their departure, the couple has continued to express their criticisms of the royal family on multiple occasions.

Stevens refrained from commenting on the speculation that Prince Andrew, the disgraced brother of the King, might move to Frogmore Cottage from his current opulent residence, the Royal Lodge, which is nearby.

“Any future occupancy will be determined and communicated in next year’s report,” added Stevens.

In the wake of his mother’s passing, King Charles has been implementing financial reforms within the family, aiming for a more streamlined monarchy. However, reports suggest that Prince Andrew has resisted any attempts to relocate him from his current 30-room home.


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