Mwaure:”Am The Real Deal”


Agano Party Presidential Candidate David Mwaure now says he is the real deal and the change that Kenya needs.

Mwaure speaking during the presidential debate held on Tuesday at the Catholic University of East Africa, expressed his disappointment following his opponent George Wajackoya’s failure to participate in the debate.

He says the debate was a great opportunity for the leaders to be interrogated by the electorates.

“How can you lead if you are not ready to come to a platform like this and tell Kenyans what you want to do for them?” Mwaure said.

Regarding leadership integrity, Mwaure said that it was about time Kenya had an ‘Obama or a Mandela’ moment noting that this year’s election on August 9th was a defining moment for Kenya.

The Agano presidential candidate labeled himself as an anti-corruption crusader and he has no corruption scandals, unlike his opponents.

He further said his three competitors had information on the corruption scandals in the country such as the KEMSA millionaires’ but none is ready to talk about it.

He also said that approximately Ksh 20 trillion is being held in foreign countries. This, he says, is money that if brought back to Kenya can help build the nation.

The August 9th presidential hopeful revealed that he has held positions that he could have stolen easily but he is not corrupt.

On the employment agenda, Mwaure said he plans to empower devolved governments that work closely with Kenyans.


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