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Matters Disability Updated: 30 April 2024 08:01 EAT 210 Views | ~ 1 minute

Kenya’s Disability Inclusion Report For 2022/2023 Financial year. 

kenyas-disability-inclusion-report-for-2022-2023-financial-year Image

A recent report by the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) reveals a significant gap between Kenya's legal framework for disability inclusion and its implementation within public institutions.

Despite strong legislation like the Constitution of Kenya (2010) and the Persons with Disabilities Act (2003), the report, covering the 2022/2023 financial year, highlights concerning shortcomings.

Contrary to the legislation's mandate that 5% of public service jobs be reserved for people with disabilities, the report found that only 4% of institutions have met this requirement, and only 1.32% of the total public service workforce comprises people with disabilities.

The report also identified challenges with access to opportunities. While the NCPWD Career Portal has seen positive engagement with over 1.9 million job postings viewed, many public institutions haven't registered or utilized the platform for recruitment.

This significantly limits opportunities for qualified applicants with disabilities. Additionally, less than half of all public institutions provide information in accessible formats like audio, large print, and braille. This lack of information accessibility hinders access to services for persons with disabilities and falls short of constitutional requirements.

To address these shortcomings, the NCPWD report proposes several recommendations. The report suggests establishing dedicated Diversity and Inclusion roles within public institutions to champion inclusive practices.

Additionally, implementing standardized tools for collecting data on participation and access to services would enable better monitoring and improvement efforts.

The NCPWD also urges for the integration of disability inclusion into government strategic plans and the reinstatement of disability-focused indicators in performance evaluations.

Finally, as Kenya progresses digitally, the report emphasizes the importance of ensuring accessible platforms for people with disabilities. Collaboration between relevant government bodies has been identified as essential to prioritize digital inclusivity and ensure information and services are accessible to all.

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