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Mukami Kimathi Is Dead

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Mukami Kimathi, the wife of the late Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi, died on Thursday night at a hospital in Nairobi where she was receiving her treatment, according to her daughter Evelyne Kimathi Wangui.

Mukami 96, died after developing difficulties in breathing.

Mukami was held up at a hospital in Nairobi earlier this year due to an unsettled hospital bill of Ksh 1 million. Even after fighting for freedom and liberation of Kenya from the colonists, the freedom fighter was diminished to a common beggar. She called upon the well-wishers to help her clear the hospital bills.

Her hospital bill which was Sh1.3 million was recently cleared by the management of the head of state. Before she died, she wished that her husband’s remains be removed at Kamiti Prison and to be buried somewhere different by the government, according to her daughter Evelyne.

While wrestling for independence, the Mau Mau fighter was held at the Kamiti maximum prison. Mukami played a great role in Kenya gaining its independence from the colonialists.

Her funeral will be at her home in Njambini Nyandarua County.

In 1957, the British got hold of her husband and executed him leaving his children and his wife behind.

Mukami is termed a symbol of strength and buoyancy.

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