Mombasa Independent Candidates Cleared


The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) nomination losers from Mombasa County have been cleared and issued certificates by IEBC to run as independents during the August 9 General Election.

The candidates took the independent route their respective parties turned down their complaints of malpractices.

The 35 MCAs among them Mohammed Amir brother to Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho who is running as an independent candidate for the seat of the senator.

All the losers insist the primaries were not free and fair and had been manipulated to favor winners.

“I have taken recourse to restore hope to our people. I have officially registered as an independent candidate and will call upon our supporters to have unwavering support to the noble course.”

They claimed the nominations were marred by massive irregularities and vote manipulation, where they have accused Nyali Mp Mohamed Ali and Former senator Hassan Sarai of playing dirty politics to rig them out of the party.

Led by their senator hopeful Mohammed Amir, the independent aspirants have urged electorates against voting along political party lines saying the flag bearers of UDA, ODM, Wiper, and Jubilee will not solve the issues affecting the county including water shortages, garbage menace, and unemployment.

“We have sat with our electorates in Mombasa County and resolved to vie as independent candidates with their support and blessings for various elective posts,” Amir said.

The aspirants said they are yet to identify any gubernatorial and presidential candidate they will support.

“We are also scouting credible and sober candidate leaders in the elective posts of Gubernatorial, Women Representative, and Members of Parliament from other political parties to work with and we are in discussion with various candidates,” Amir told journalists during the press conference in Mombasa.


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